It all started from a very modest work area in South Delhi. The tremendous response from the students & the satisfaction on the look of these students batch after batch was a great motivation to escalate the level of our work area & the various courses for students.

We are now located at a nice location in South Delhi close to the very spirited area of Nehru Place.  The Academy is now even more esthetically done to catalyze the learning curve in students looking for quality education in Make Up & Hair. The tastefully done interiors, a well equipped library, a well thought of Photo Shoot Chamber, the practically made up Make Up, Hair, Beauty & Nail classrooms, the wide spectrum of brands at disposal, the varied lighting sets the profile & mood to walk the extra mile to learn more & more at MAKETH ACADEMY.

The highly competent faculty at MAKETH ACADEMY comes with an illustrious & enviable background. The smiling faces & the spirited involvement will add on to quench your curiosities & make to want to lean & know more in this wonderful field of creativity.

Come, be a part of this wonderful journey, where we prepare you to embark & explore this never ending field of creativity & knowledge. At MAKETH, we will help you to get that winning edge & excel, to help you grow both Upward & Outward…

The Foundation of MAKETH ACADEMY was brought in from the growing awareness and ever growing demand for Professionals in the industry. MAKETH ACADEMY is born from spirit of giving Educational skills with ethical values in terms of knowledge, empowerment and education. The dynamics of MAKETH ACADEMY revolves& evolves around the most relevant areas of:

  • Quality Education
  • Latest Techniques
  • Adherence to International Standards
  • Proper Knowledge and understanding of products
  • Precise Methodologies&Professionalism